About Me


I’m a Montreal West Island mom of two wild and amusing boys (8 & 3 years old).
In my (now-foggy) pre-children years I studied fine arts and geography, was the managing editor of a custom publishing company in downtown Montreal, and was a real estate broker. Now I handle complicated grade 3 homework, soccer/hockey/skating practices, a hilariously funny toddler, and driving around to various cities for park reviews. 

Our park touring was somewhat out of necessity, as I used playgrounds as source of physical therapy for my medically complex youngest. He was born extremely premature and endured an almost 6-month NICU stay. Once he was finally home we started going out early in the mornings to different parks around the neighbourhood; partly as a way of getting us out of the house while he worked at getting stronger, and also as a way for my two boys to bond since they missed out on so much time together. 

We had trouble finding accurate descriptions, or ANY descriptions of the various cities’ parks, and would often drive to a new spot, only to find that it was just a greenspace, or there was no appropriate equipment for my little guy.
“Why not document it all, since you’re going to so many, AND you’re picky!” said my husband. And that’s how StrollerParking came about. 
This website puts together my love of my little kiddos and gives me a place to advocate for accessible playgrounds. Because while my little one is now able to use pretty much everything at a playground, we weren’t always sure that would be the case. 

I hope our park descriptions (and biased reviews) will help you find new playgrounds and neighbourhoods to enjoy.


We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing. 
George Bernard Shaw