Ahuntsic Park

What a park! From the great picnic spots under the towering trees, to the beautiful pond complete with a picturesque water fountain, the wading pool and separate splash pad, playgrounds, skate park, baseball, dog park, outdoor fitness equipment, and sledding hill; there’s a lot to do here. 

I’ve actually been on this corner a few times, as the nearby Rôtisserie St-Hubert is where my dad’s side of the family celebrates the holidays with a New Year’s lunch, but I’d never peaked across the street to this giant park. 
So on a gorgeous summer morning, the little one and I headed out and then spent an hour or so playing in the playground, wandering around the lake, talking to ducks, and running up and down in the skate park. And I’m pretty sure we didn’t see everything.
If you want to be closest to the playgrounds and water areas, your best bet is to park on Lajeunesse. We left the car, had a pit stop in the nice (wheelchair accessible) washrooms, peaked at the sparkly wading pool, and had a snack at the accessible picnic tables right beside the small simple splash pad. It was chilly, and we didn’t want to turn on the water, so no video. Sorry!

The section for older kids needs some TLC. There are two smallish play structures, one that is wooden and rather splintery, while the other has stairs, ladders, and a twirly slide. There are two banks of adult swings (with some missing), as well as some crack-your-teeth old-school seesaws (also missing some). Nearby are a whole whack o’ picnic tables, many of them accessible. Impressive!
Right beside the splash pad, the toddler section is really quite cute. my 4-year old LOVED the GameTime play structure with its easy staircase, little ramp, climbing wall, balance beam, pods to hop across, and the small slide. For sure-footed kids there’s a taller slide with a staircase. In the surrounding sand are baby swings, and the adorable Cottage playhouse which for us doubled as a video rental store (where does he get this stuff??).

Things to note:
-While the wading pool is completely fenced and gated (with a lifeguard naturally), both the splash pad and the toddler park have some fencing, but are basically open. 
-You can find both the dates and hours for the wading pool AND splash pad on THIS PAGE. The splash pad hours for the borough are from 8am-8pm.
-We parked on Lajeunesse right near the playground wading pool and chalet.
-Dog park rules HERE.
-An outdoor adult gym was installed recently. You can find it at the south end of the park, near Rue St-Hubert. 
-If you’re going to play in the skate park, check the equipment carefully. Some of the metal ramps had large and sharp rusty holes perfect for gouging legs. 


  • Anne says:

    The adult workout gym area is at the other end of the park, it’s been there for at least half of this summer, if not longer… like as south as the skate park, but all the way east of the park. It’s past the hill (which is amazing for tobogganing in winter).

    Thanks for writing about my neighbourhood! I hope the borough reads your post, and makes the necessary repairs!

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