Boischatel Park

(Also called parc de la Famille)
This is one of the prettiest splash pads around! It’s fairly new, and nicely landscaped and designed with a moat, bridge, and a pirate “boat”!
This water park designed by Tessier Récréo-Parc and with equipment by Waterplay Solutions Corp is so nice it feels like a mini-vacation. Save your pennies and instead of going to Florida, visit Ile Perrot! 😉
There’s a steering wheel and pretend ship bow once you cross the bridge, a telescope to search for land(!), a treasure map embedded in the cement and lots and lots of water. Even my timid 2-year old got wet. There are a lot of different water elements; from jets coming out of the ground, a “turtle” shooting out gentle spray, the Whale Tail mister, a Windy Poly Palm spurting water out from its fronds, the Sneaky Soaker trio of dumping buckets, and a path of jets to stomp through. You can run through, under, and over. Or just stand still and enjoy the mist.
There are a couple of picnic tables within the actual splash pad area and many more scattered around the park. The one umbrella/sail in the splash pad casts some shade over a small area, but the rest of the park is pretty much all sun except for some shade around the edge of the fenced toddler park. By 10am we were pretty scorched and wanted to jump in the water again.  Something is being built at the top of the hill, we’re crossing our fingers for a zip line! (we revisited in 2015, no zip line but a bench and picnic table with a really nice view!)

The big and small kid playgrounds are very spread out and not in a sight line with the splash pad. So it’s a “play in the splash pad, pack up, play in the playground” kind of place.
The larger playground is full sun and the climber is not toddler-friendly as there are no stairs, but our 6-year old had a good time. The little guy enjoyed trying to scale the spiderweb climber and stood on the balance boards. There is an old-school metal caterpillar climber, some older teeter-totters, and down the path sitting on its own is an Xccent bouncy beam (we call it The Worm). They’ve added a graffiti wall here as well.
In the distance we saw a BMX bike track complete with small dirt jumps. Cool! 

The fully fenced and gated toddler park has a small climber with stairs, a steering wheel, slides and a tricky to get across vertical wall that emulates a spider web. There are a couple of older and new ride-ons (one with a lot of spinters!), 4 big-kid swings, 7 baby swings and a recently added adaptive swing with a full 5-point harness. It’s all on wood chips except for two tiny sand boxes.

There’s a small chalet with bathrooms and a water fountain, and parking for a few cars right on Boischatel.
Note: on Mondays throughout the summer there are evening activities at this park. You can read about them at this link: Les lundis en folie au parc Boischatel

On your way there or back you should totally stop at Smoke Meat Pete’s for a giant bag of fries or “the best smoke meat in Montreal” as awarded by Montreal Awards. OR…..Dairy Queen! Mmmmmmm

L’Île-Perrot – Boischatel Park Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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