Clearpoint Park

This park was almost completely renovated in the fall of 2015, and had another small facelift in fall 2017. 
What changed in two years? Well, in another secret Pointe-Claire reno, some wheelchair accessible activity panels were added along the path between the two play areas. 
Now, before you say “StrollerMom, you’re always going on about inclusive play and wheelchair accessible products. Be happy!”, I AM happy about these panels (from Landscape Structures.)
There’s the mesmerizing rainbow spinner, a steering wheel, finger mazes and more. They’re great! It’s more the rest of the park and its complete UN-accessibility. Seriously, there isn’t even an adaptive swing at here (Pointe-Claire’s two adaptive swings are at Hermitage (where it’s in the sand), and at Northview where there’s nothing else accessible to do.)
Putting these products in the middle, makes *me* feel like it’s actually not very inclusive at all. “You! You can stay here, while your friends go in the other sections.” Sigh. I wouldn’t call this a wheelchair-accessible playground. 
BUT, it’s a start. 
Also, you know what would be great Pointe-Claire? If you actually let people KNOW that you’ve made these changes. I wouldn’t know these were even installed except that we’re at this park fairly often. It’s nice to have some accessible products, but parents need to know about them without having to drive around the whole city peering out their windows when they pass a park. 
Also, an actual, TRULY inclusive playground would be great. 

Back to the rest of the playground. 
Pointe-Claire has continued their plan of completely fencing and gating the toddler area. Love this and they fenced in quite a large section. Just wish they’d put a picnic table inside the wall as well.
If you have an older toddler, they can probably handle the steep stairs of the play structure, or the small rock climbing/foothold wall. At the top is a cute steering wheel, two little platforms, and two slides. At ground level is a “lemonade stand” (only 10¢. Bargain!), but it’s under the low platform so I can just about guarantee that every kid is going to smash their head on the edge. It would have made more sense to put it under the higher platform to give it more headroom. 
The Jambette label says that it can hold 22 children. Ahahahaha. Maybe that means before it collapses? I want to borrow 21 children and see if they fit. 

I do like the climber because it’s new and colourful and has a cute roof, but for a complete revamp of this large park, Pointe-Claire could have made it a whole lot more exciting. And put it all on wood chips to make this area more accessible. Wood chips are marginally better than sand. 
There is the same ground-level activity panel with a marble maze and small sand table that was there before. What a great opportunity to make it wheelchair accessible, but the whole toddler section is on sand. Sigh.
Except for the new play structure, all the other equipment in the toddler section was there before. So there is still the 4-kid seesaw, the ladybug spring rider, the sand digger, the baby swings, and the Kompan spring rider.

The big-kid section is entirely new and is now on wood chips. There’s a colourful rope spiderweb climber, four new swings (none adaptive 🙁 ), and the Supernova spinning wheel by Kompan, which is basically like a hamster wheel for kids. My big kid loves this wheel while the little one just watches it spin. 
Sadly, there is NO play structure for bigger kids. 
For all that work and time, I wish they’d invested in some more exciting and larger play structures like Saint-Laurent and Lasalle, and just every other city is doing. I regularly look at the different manufacturer’s catalogues and there is SO MUCH EXCITING STUFF!

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