Coubertin Park

Besides the two playgrounds, this large park with lots of room to run around also has as splash pad, basketball, bocce, soccer, tennis courts, toboggan hill, a picturesque outdoor fitness area, and a park pavilion.

“THERE’S A PYRAMID!” said the little one as we walked up from the car. 
He was right, it does seem like the tall brick…mountain/slide combo is a pyramid
The design of the big-kid playground is unlike any I’ve seen, and almost seems like it wasn’t a playground before (I’m guessing…)
Sunk down, the whole area is bordered by the wall, a wide ramp, and stairs going towards the pavilion and the toddler area. The metal slide is really unique, and there are also two adult swings, an intricate cable climber, and a play structure with ropes and metal rungs to cross.

Over in the toddler park are a quartet of spring riders, a small structure with stairs, a slide, and various ways to climb up. There are also ground level instruments like bongos and a calabazo, and baby swings.

Near to both playgrounds, but without the best sight lines is the small splash pad (see note below.) Run through the misting rainbows, take aim at a friend with the duelling elephant sprayers, or dance under the tall serpent. 

Things to note:
-The city has no hours posted for their splash pads, but says to talk to the park attendant. Which is entirely unhelpful. You can read it HERE. Splash pads are usually open from 9-9, so you should be safe going within those hours. 
-None of the play areas are fenced, and there’s the big drop down into the big-kid area.
-There is a tiny parking lot at 4755 rue Valéry, that also has accessible parking spots. You can also park on the road. 
-Both playground areas are on sand. 

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