Crevier Park


After dragging my older one to the Carter’s store in Ste-Dorothée (“Do I have to come???!” “YES”), we wandered up the path between the IGA and Canadian Tire and came upon this park with two good play structures and an IMMENSE rope climber.
This playground is great to know about, especially if your kids have followed you around for 2 hours at the nearby Walmart during back-to-school shopping while you search for clear, plastic duo-tangs with 2 pockets. I’ve done it. You’ll NEED a park afterwards to de-stress. 

The toddler climber from Quebec’s Go-Élan has easy to climb stairs, slides, a safe bridge with full height rails, dinosaur tic-tac-toe, steering wheel, and ground-level activity panels. Lots of room to walk around on top, or play underneath.
The baby swings weren’t up when we visited but there are spots for six and in the surrounding sand is a whole herd of Kompan’s Stinger spring riders which are hilariously positioned as though they’re galloping off into the Laval sunset. 

My 7-year old trotted off to the bigger climber (also by Go-Élan), and tried out every single ladder, step, bridge, slide, and stair. And there are a LOT, including three different kinds of bridges, and it’s all pretty tame, even for younger kids. 
Again, there were no swings up in this section of the park, but there will be six big-kid swings. 

We were both impressed with the crazy tall rope climber and  my guy made a nest at the top with his new Beanie-Boo owl we’d picked up (ok, it was bribery).

Note that the park is fully fenced but with open gates, and while there are some baby trees, the play areas are basically full sun. 

***Special thanks to reader Jazzmin who sent me the pictures of the two bridges that were replaced (for some strange reason). Even stranger was that Laval replaced the bridge on the toddler structure with an open ROPE bridge that was completely impossible for any toddler to cross. So what did Jazzmin do? She got other parents together and they successfully got Laval to replace the replacement, and there’s now a toddler-SAFE way to cross the structure. Hooray for parents getting changes made!!
And apparently they’ve also removed ALL the adult swings. Huh?

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