de la Confédération Park

EDITED: This park is being renovated. Apparently to an inclusive and accessible playground! Which is great news. Will revisit near the end of 2018. 
There is some great equipment at this playground in NDG, BUT both the toddler and big kid sections are in need of some TLC to make it a really good park. 
Completely fenced, but with a wide opening near the centre of the park, the toddler and big kid areas are quite near each other with good sight lines. On a wood chip base (that really, really needs a fresh layer) is the play structure for older kids with plenty of ways to hang and climb. There’s the Bongo bridge which is always nice and dangerous (and the only thing I’ve ever hurt myself on), ladders, rungs, overhead hand sliders, a broken Bongo step, and cool steep slides. Nearby are adult swings, a bucket swing (no harness), and some stand-up spinners. 

Just steps away is the toddler area with a great climber, which has some unfortunate problems at the moment. With a missing post, it’s sagging into the sand and making for a topsy-turvy climb up. There are cute pods, blocks, and a mini summit climber; slides, gear wall, chimes, and a periscope. 
Nearby is a small seesaw, spring rider, a saddle spinner, and baby swings. 

A pretty good park, that just needs to have those broken items fixed. 

Things to note:
-The park to the north of Avenue Fielding has a football field and running track, as well as a dog run which you can find info and rules for HERE
-There is a pool and lovely looking splash pad at the corner of Kensington and Biermans, you can get all the info on the city’s website HERE or call 514 872-1125 .
-The four-season outdoor, multi-sport rink at this park is one of the refrigerated rinks of the Bleu Blanc Bouge program, run by the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation. You can read more about it HERE and HERE.
If you JUST want to see the playground it’s on the corner of West Hill and Fielding. Street parking is available on surrounding streets. 

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