Dorval Arena Park

We passed by this little park last winter, after a rip-roaring Novice hockey game at the nearby Dorval arena. It looked…, uninspiring, so it wasn’t until another hockey game at the arena that we finally stopped by. And it had changed!
I have NO idea what this park is called, it doesn’t show up on Dorval’s website anywhere, and it’s not on Google Maps, so I gave it the super awesome name of “Dorval Arena Park”. Why? Because it’s beside the arena parking lot. 
Actually, it’s closer to the entrance of the Walters Aquatic Centre, but “Walters Aquatic Centre Park” didn’t sound as catchy. 
Anyways…the park seems to be more of a pause than a park. But there are a couple of things to play with, including a metal balance beam, a pretty good climber from Landscape Structures, and the brand new Windsurfer from Ledon. We’ve only seen products from Ledon at one other park, and I quite like them! The kids were thrilled as they tried to shove each other into the surf. “Stop TOUCHING ME!”
The play structure is good for toddlers as it has wide platforms to climb, a crawl tunnel, and small slides. But both boys agreed that the staircase was too steep. 
And that’s it. There’s no fencing, and it’s close to the parking lot. 
BUT, the little playground is actually near some other attractions such as the beach volleyball court, the Dorval Municipal Tennis Club, the Sarto-Desnoyers Community Centre skatepark (right on Dawson Avenue), and the Peace Park Arboretum where you can wander around looking at all the various species of trees. 

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