du Lac-à-la-Loutre Park

I stuck this park together with the Woonerf Saint-Pierre outdoor fitness circuit since they’re so close together. We parked on a nearby street and the little one RAN down the green corridor, pausing to sit in a lounge chair, and doing a couple of chin ups. 
“Your form is all wrong!”
Then it was further down the path to the playground. 

Bit of a funny park; it’s got a newish cable climber, but then a very, very old Kompan wood and metal structure that basically only has a couple of platforms to…stand on, and two pole spinners. 
Go into the next area which is fenced and gated and there’s a play structure that looks newish, but that has actually been repainted. It’s got stairs, a bridge, low monkey bars, slides, and a tic-tac-toe wall. 
Wait a second, there were no swings!

My little guy liked it enough, actually not all that much; I suspect this park will undergo an equipment reno at some point soon. 

Things to note:
-To see the full list of Trekfit equipment available at the Woonerf Saint-Pierre, you can click HERE.
The playgrounds are on sand. One section is fenced and gated, while the other is fenced, but open to the road. 
-Enter the park by Butternut or Courcelle streets. Parking should be available nearby, but read the signs carefully. 

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