Highridge Park

EDITED: This park is getting some new equipment summer 2019.

Took us a while, but we finally made it back out to Beaconsfield to check out this park. 
This is a decent neighbourhood park with a couple of benches, a picnic table, swings, and a toddler and big-kid climber.

The play areas are at opposite ends of the greenspace, both are close to the road, and there is NO fencing; so it’s not the best playground if you’ve got a runner or kids playing on both sides.

My toddler really liked the small old climber, though I’m not sure why. There are stairs, some impossible-for-toddlers-to-climb metal rungs, a little bridge and walkway, tunnel, small metal ladder, a couple of slides, and a steering wheel. I think he liked being able to walk along the bridge (which was bouncy when it didn’t feel like it should be bouncy), and he liked the crawl tunnel. 
There is also one sand digger, a triceratops spring rider, and the baby swings. It’s very close to the road with a little hedge partially blocking the way, but that didn’t stop mine from running after a butterfly and almost into the road even with me right behind him!

We ran across the grass to the other side of the park and checked out the larger climber from Little Tikes Commercial. This one also has stairs, a fraying rope ladder, vertical Pommel Climber, platforms, a slide, stepping stones and two different kinds of monkey bars including the Snake Challenge Ladder.

It was ok, but I think my favourite part was the crazy-pretty blue and black butterfly!

Also, no shade.

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