John-Weir Park

Another part of the city I’ve never been to. And after having visited, I’m pretty sure I want to live in Baie-D’Urfé!

This park smelled like camping, was surrounded by big pine trees, and was really relaxing and quiet while we were playing.

There is a very high big-kid climber from Jambette that sadly (for him), was inaccessible to the little guy. There are lots of ways up including a rock-climbing wall, a steep ladder, a Spider Web, and the Jurassic Climber, but it seemed like a bad idea to scale them with him on my back. Which was sad, because he could see the steering wheel and binoculars at the top 🙁
The two sides of the climber and the two slides are connected by a terrifying looking cable bridge. Eek! My children are much braver than me. 

Luckily the little man was quite pleased with the toddler climber from Landscape Structures and went up the easy-to-climb stairs, across the arch bridge, and down the slide twenty-two thousand times. There is a DOUBLE steering wheel panel, a marble maze panel, multiple slides, the Cozy Climber arched ladder, and ground level tic-tac-toe. This climber is oddly slanted, like it settled wrong, but he didn’t care. UPDATE 2018: Since we visited way back when, this structure was completely removed (I didn’t update the pictures), and was replaced with…nothing. The rest of the park remains the same. 
To round out the equipment, there are some teeth-breaking old-school teeter-totters, a metal geodesic climber and baby and big swings. There’s no fencing at all and while there are some towering pine trees around the perimeter of the park, I’m not sure if that means shade throughout the day as it was overcast when we visited. 


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