Kirkland Park

I think it’s about time for another poem:

Kirkland, trees are friends!
hope for planting
to rest our weary heads
from flaming sky fireball ☀️🔥

Amazing I know!

Our first visit to the park, way back in 2014 ⬆️

It was 10am and we had to leave after 15 minutes of play because there’s not a drop of shade anywhere in the playground. Which is a shame because there’s an ok climbing structure by Landscape Structures for big kids with a Cliff Climber, a Corkscrew ladder, skywheels, and the Ring-a-Ling™ overhead monkey bars. But, no stairs. Just beside the climber are four big swings, and two baby swings (with super short chains).
The easy to climb toddler play structure is old and faded, and like many other parks in this town it also has a broken wall panel. It USED to be the Rain Wheel Spinner. There are three slides coming down, one with bumpity, bumpity, bumps.
New in 2018 are a couple of colourful spring riders (a firetruck and a train) which when we visited were installed wayyyy too high, thus leaving some shard metal exposed. I sent an email to the city but didn’t hear anything back.

Both my weirdos had more fun walking up and down the wheelchair ramp to the chalet and climbing over the bleachers than they did in the park. Then we drank a ton of water and sought out shade somewhere else.

Things to note:
-There’s no shade.
-All the equipment is on wood chips, and while there is no fencing, it is bordered on one side by the tennis courts. 
-There are really lovely tennis courts and a basketball court here! Also, a nice baseball field. 
-There’s a chalet here that was like a mirage to my aching bladder, but alas, was locked. It must have later opening hours like Holleuffer Park, which opens after 4pm during the week. Who knows, there are no posted hours. 

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