Shannon Park

This was our first park review of the 2015 season!
We ran out of time last year, even though we were “parking” well into November. So Shannon Park was first on our list to review once the snow (finally) cleared. It was a chilly-ish late April morning when we visited, and we were pretty happy with this park.
Just the little guy and I had the morning free, and wow, what a difference a few months makes in terms of what he can climb!
He scaled the metal rung ladders on both play structures in seconds with a serious “No! Bop it! I do it!” while I secretly kept my hands near him in case of a fall. But all was good, phew. 

There are a couple of parking spots near the soccer field, or you can park on the street. LOTS of trees scattered throughout the toddler area. I love that once summer comes there will be plenty of shade, AND you could play a great game of hide and seek right in the playground. 

There’s no fence, but it is set a ways back from the road.
The park is separated into two areas, the toddler section, and a section with a structure for older kids. 
In the toddler area is a large climber from Quebec-based GO-ELAN with one set of stairs that accesses slides, an easy to cross bridge, a climbing tunnel to another platform, steering wheel, and another slide. Adventurous little ones can try out the arched Rocky Mountain climbing wall and the cable ladders. I really liked the bridge here as often they are too steep for the littles to traverse safely, so my guy was happy to not have to hold my hand. He also enjoyed the wall panels where he could turn dials and trace a maze.

There are 4 baby swings and 2 regular swings, a dinosaur spring rider, and THE BEST part is the ground-level structure (Beaconsfield seems to have a lot of them in their playgrounds). This is also from GO-ELAN and has a steering wheel, dinosaur tic-tac-toe, a giant abacus, and place to play “restaurant”.

To the South end of the park, and a little detour walk through the trees, is a basic climber for bigger kids. There are no stairs, but with some help, the little guy was able to climb a couple of the ladders to access the slides. There will be less morning shade here as the South/East side has no trees. It is partially fenced and has a sight line to the toddler playground. 

This was a fun start to our “stroller parking” season and we’re looking forward to lots more this summer!

Things to note: There is a brand new sparkly chalet which was built in the fall of 2018. On the outside are drinking fountains as well as the switch to turn on the field lights. There is no posted sign for when the washrooms are open but I *think* the city will be adding something in 2019. 


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