Olympique (Omni) Park & Splash Pad

Lots of changes coming to this park, see image below. We’ll revisit later in the summer to take new pics and video!



The littlest is sooooo happy to have his big brother along, especially for trips to the “toddler-eating” splash pads. 

We drove past this park last year on our way to Bellevue Park, but it was so crowded we skipped it. 

Fast forward to this year (so long grade 1!), and we packed up and set off early and arrived at 9:07am, right after the water turned on.  There is a parking lot along Avenue Lussier or on Boulevard Cardinal Léger. 

Before we parked both kids were looking out the window and saw the crazy big climbers in the elementary school yard and we’re like “OH YA!!!!!!”. Then went “Oh.” when I told them that was off limits and the actual playground we were going to was in front of them. 
Not that there’s anything wrong with the Olympique Park playground, but just that the school’s playground equipment looks So. Much. Better.

The playground and splash pad are right on the corner of Avenue Lussier and Boulevard Cardinal Léger and it’s all pretty much full sun except for a couple of decent sized trees around the perimeter of the park, and the large covered gazebo structure. We staked out the one shaded picnic table near the toddler area, but seeing as we were the only people there, we didn’t really have to do much fighting 😉 (UPDATE: a resident of Pincourt let me know that 3 huge canopies that offer shade have been added around the splash pad, two with tables underneath.)
The big-kid play area is near the parking lot, has only a bit of fencing  along the street and consists of an older climber (with stairs, slides, and ladders), and Giant metal caterpillar climber from GameTime. In another section are the big swings, and in another section is a sandbox, which as the 7-year old pointed out “Why is there a big sandbox when all the other parts are on sand too?”
I dunno. 
Walk a bit more and you get to the toddler section, which has an older, faded climber. It’s got stairs, a slide, some monkey bars and that’s about it. There are four baby swings and it is all in FULL sun. New for 2016 is a Parent-child Generation swing from Little Tikes. Yeah! Love these things. 

THEN, there is the splash pad by Quebec-based Aquajeux. It is just a few steps from the toddler play area and separated by some shrubbery. The little guy wanted nothing to do with the water so happily played in the sand while his brother whooped and ran around in the water. 
We really, really liked this splash pad. It is a bit larger than Harris, Walters etc and has hard sprays and dumping buckets and “cannons” for older kids, and then a little section of misty water and a mushroom of water for the more timid kids. 
There are TWO magic buttons to turn on the water. This only took me 1/2 hour to figure out. I was all “WHY are those ones broken? How come no one ever checks these things???” Then figured out the second button was ON THE GROUND (close to the “palm branches“. The button to turn on the bigger section is on a pole. Just touch the top. 

Super, super fun. We were alone for at least an hour and then it seemed that every home daycare in the area arrived, but there was still tons of room. We stayed for over two hours and only left because it was too hot in the sand. As much as the kids were disappointed we weren’t going to the shiny new climbers at the school, they had a fantastic time playing here. 

The rest of the big park has a pool (way down in an opposite corner, some paved walking/biking/strollering trails, beach volleyball, soccer/football and an impressive community centre with REAL bathrooms. It was nice to be able to change and wash our hands without standing in a porta-pottie. We also found a water fountain inside. The posted sign says that the water park is open from 9am to dusk, I couldn’t find any hours for the Omni Centre. 

Next time we come (and we will be back), I’m going to plan it so we can go for lunch at the old-school casse-croûte that we saw down the street on Lussier.

Winter 2016: We went to the AMAZING winter carnival that was held at the park this past weekend. Make sure to add it to your calendar for next year!
Here’s a terrible photo of the sledding hill:

Pincourt – Olympique (Omni) Park Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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  • Shannon McShane says:


    We live in Pincourt and also love the splash pad. I just wanted to let you know that the city just installed 3 huge canopies that offer shade around the splash pad! Two have tables underneath. It’s a nice improvement!

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