Kirwan Park and Allan J. Levine playground

I was thrilled to be able to offer a bit of input into the renovation of this playground, way back before the COVID crisis started. While the pandemic inevitably delayed the start of construction, I was thrilled to finally see the finished playground this past fall, and to see my suggestion of the tricycle/bicycle/scooter/wheelchair path come to life! So cute!

Big discussion points during the initial “placemaking session” with city employees from various departments had been: multi-generational activities, inclusivity, and play value. I’d say they nailed it. 

Fully fenced and gated, the play space at Allan J. Levine playground is divided into two areas, though sight-lines are quite good if you have kids of varying ages in both sections. The older kids equipment remains relatively unchanged, with a double-decker climber and long twirly slide, a reallllly tall cable climber, and a ninja-type obstacle course.

The new toddler play space has a TON to do. There are saucer swings, baby swings, and an adaptive swing. 
The wheelchair-accessible sand shovel is a delight as is the accessible sand/water table. The 4-seat spinner includes two seats with harnesses, and there are multiple ground level sensory panels throughout the play area. Crawl under and over the tunnel, slither your way up or down the big climber’s Sensory Wave and try out the ladders or slides.
RIGHT beside the play space is the small but entertaining splash pad. Love that this is also interactive with pads to stomp on, arches to run or wheel through, small bubblers, and tall spinners. 

Explore the rest of the park where you’ll find new adult fitness equipment, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, a jogging/walking path, community gardens, and one of our favourites: the TrekFit Bamboo Jungle climbers. 

Things to note:

  • The splash pad is on from 8 am to 9 pm. Press the sensor on the post to start the water sequence. 
  • The surfacing varies between wood chips, sand, and poured-in-place rubber. There are mobility access points in the borders. 
  • While there isn’t a ton of natural shade over the playground area, there are quite a few shade structures including one over part of the splash pad, one above the toddler climber, and one over the picnic tables at the centre of the playground. 
  • The surrounding greenspace is lush with trees and gardens and is a great space for a picnic. 
  • The new chalet with bathrooms and a drinking fountain is right beside playground/splash pad. 
  • Parking is not easy. Pick a side street and be nice to the neighbours!

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