Allan J. Levine Park

This park is being almost completely redone. Stay tuned in 2022!

This park got my heart racing. 

Firstly, because I took a brisk walk around the whole perimeter of the park, under the beautiful trees, and around to the softball field. So I was literally out of breath. 
Secondly because my 9-year old delighted in climbing to the tippy top of the super high rope/cable climber and dangling his legs. And that thing is 35,000 feet high. No exaggeration. 
And thirdly, because I was I was SO excited about the colourful 2-storey play structure!
It’s not often (almost never), that we see double decker climbers, so both boys (and their dad) had an amazing time climbing up, sliding back down the tube slide, then climbing up, and back down repeatedly. They even took off their socks and shoes and sent those down. This colourful structure by Miracle Recreation is for sure the highlight of this park. The kids got a kick out of the slide having “skylights”. It’s not the easiest to climb up, so the littlest ones will either need a helping hand, or find a different spot to play. But for bigger kids: Awesome. 
Surrounding it you’ll find a metal seesaw, some great climbing and swinging apparatus from Playworld, and to the toddler’s delight: TWO motorcycle spring riders, made all the more exciting because he was actually wearing a motorcycle jacket. 

Nearby is the aforementioned rope climber (which looked taller every time I looked at it!), a 2-kid rocket ship, a little horse spring rider, and the adult swings. They’re all in their own little sand areas. 
Past the chalet with bathrooms (which were open, hooray!), are the baby swings, so they’re kind of set off on their own.
There wasn’t a huge ton of shade when we visited around 9am on a sunny morning, but there are gorgeous mature trees nearby, as well as lots of green space if you need a nice place to rest or picnic. 

Things to note:
-Parking is available on nearby side streets (Blossom and Wentworth)
-There are washrooms as well as a drinking fountain right near the playground, as well as porta-potties by the softball field. 

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