Parc des Jardins (SAINT-CONSTANT)

Woohoo! It’s great when we see a playground that has great equipment for toddlers, little kids, AND tweens/teens. 
While the playground was recently redone, this park looks to be undergoing a multi-phase renovation, and we were a year or so too early to see the entire reno with the splash pad and other facilities that are to come. Oops!

But thankfully, the playground is really, really great. One thing I always appreciate is a safe staircase in the toddler area, and equipment with lots of “play value”. There’s lot to touch and turn, an adorable “lemonade stand”, slides, and climbers, and some interesting seat spinners and bouncers. 

Over at the swing set you have a choice of FIVE different kinds of swings, including a baby swing, a parent-baby swing, a saucer swing, an adaptive swing, and regular swings. 

And then…there’s the IMMENSE climber for big kids. Where my 6-foot tall teen actually went and played! There are stairs, ladders, ropes, bridges, slides and tons more. Great fun, challenging, and very impressive. 

Things to note:
-There’s a large parking lot right off of Beaumont.
-While there’s no real chalet, there was a porta-potty near the baseball field. 
-Holy hell, it’ll be hot as there’s essentially zero shade over any of the play areas. 
-There are great sight lines if you have kids in both play sections. 
-There’s a crappy sandbox and the rest of the play equipment is on wood chips. Sadly, there is no access point in the perimeter to make it accessible. 

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