Georges-Étienne-Cartier Park

Completely renovated in 2021, this large park was transformed into a fun medieval theme. So make sure to bring along your swords, knights’ costumes, and gallant steeds!

The younger kids’ play structure has towers, turrets, and tons of slides. Stairs, a whole array of climbers, a bridge, and more make it a great space for the little ones and some great imaginative play. Nearby are a balance beam, a spinner, and the huge bank of swings. Here you’ll find a saucer swing, a tandem baby/parent swing, adult swings, baby swings, and one adaptive swing. 

The castle theme continues over in the big-kid area where there’s a twirly slide, ropes to cross, and some super interesting geometric climbers. 

Things to note:
-All the play structures are on wood chips
-It’s basically full sun everywhere, but there is a large shade covering the new picnic tables.
-There is no fencing.

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