15 Days of Favourite “Kid” things – Part 7

Day 7:

Uno. What?
It’s a card game by Mattel, it’s been around for 40 years, and it’s easy and fun.  Last year our then 6-year old got really into cards. Crazy Eights, Go Fish…and this game.
Uno is a specialized pack of cards that has colours, numbers, and action cards (Skip, Reverse, Draw Two, Draw Four). Interesting enough for adults, and challenging enough for kids. A 3-year old isn’t going to get it at all, but for 5+ it’s spot on. 
I lose every time, because I always forget to say “last card!”. Every. Single. Time.
I like that it’s a fairly quick game to learn, it doesn’t need batteries, it’s portable, it isn’t a screen, you have to actually interact with people, and it holds kids’ interest.

There’s also Uno Moo! for toddlers, but I’ve never played it so can’t vouch for its awesomeness. 

UNO moo

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