Alphonse-Desjardins Park

This is another neighbourhood/apartment playground similar to Cloverdale Park down the street. 
There is no parking, and it’s impossible to see from the street. 
Surrounded by apartments and the parking lot, the playground is very shady and has two small climbers. One for older kids with a (steep) staircase, the kind of metal bridge that I loathe (steep and slippery), and some metal ladders. While we were there the broken twirly slide was blocked by a wooden board.

There are a couple of big-kid swings (no baby swings), and a smaller toddler play structure. This one has a cute table and benches at ground level, a steering wheel, twirly slide and two ladders. No staircase. 

There is no fencing. 
This is really a playground for the neighbourhood kids and while it’s not spectacular by any means, at least it provides a place to play outside. 

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