15 Days of Favourite “Kid” things – Part 8

FENIGOUPDATED: After writing this back in December, I wrote to Bentology (to exclaim my love!) who put me in touch with FENIGO, their Canadian distributor. FENIGO super generously donated an amazing prize pack to a StrollerParking reader. In the giveaway prize pack was a 6-piece Lunch Box Set, Bentology Insulated Lunch Bag, a Bentology Cool Pack, a Banana Guard, and a Happy Face Cutlery Set.
Established in 2008, FENIGO was the first lunchbox store on the market in Canada. It’s the kind of website that I could peruse FOREVER….
Need replacement parts for your water bottles or sippy cups? They’ve got them!
Looking for a solution to school lunches? You can find ALL SORTS of containers and bento boxes on their site. I LOVE the Zoku pop makers and want to try out the reusable squeeze pouches. 
Have a look at their site and tell me what YOU love!

And now, the original post:
Day 8: 

The Bento box and insulated lunch carrier by Bentology (formerly Laptop Lunches Bento-Ware).
Before the big one started kindergarten, I’d listened to all the words of wisdom from those who’d passed before me.
I was prepared for the hell that would be lunch making. I Pinterested my little heart out, dreamt of hard-boiled eggs with faces drawn on with food-safe markers. Bought cookie cutters to make cute and appealing sandwich shapes, and Googled “100 fast and easy bento lunches your kids will actually eat!”

I was going to ROCK lunch making. 

On our summertime trip to Stowe before school started (read that review HERE!), we stopped at the BEST baby/kid store ever: Buttered Noodles. Sadly, the owners retired this summer and it closed. 🙁
But, it was there that I found this holy grail of lunchboxes. A container with interchangeable inside containers. Some with lids, some not. And you can puzzle them to fit a sandwich and two sides, or three sides and a fruit…whatever. I also bought the insulated lunch bag in the space pattern.

Kindergarten started. We trained on how to open the lids by himself, I packed such amazing lunches in his little lunch box and sent him off to school laden down with 10 pounds of food and 2 water bottles. You know, just in case all the water fountains in the school simultaneously stopped working. 
Every container and its matching lid had a carefully selected stick-on label and I put TWO labels on the lunch carrier and even a label on the flat Rubbermaid ice pack (that fits perfectly btw).

For weeks I was EXCITED about making lunch. Then he told me that he wanted a sandwich. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

So here we are in grade two. We haven’t lost a single lid.
I am slightly less enthused about making lunches.
The containers and carrier are still in pristine shape. 

So for me it was worth the almost 50$ investment.

And while he still only wants a sandwich every day (or horror of horrors, plain pasta), I have to say that I think the Bento box idea is really great. It helps me to pack in an organized way, everything gets put back into the lunch carrier when he’s done, it’s easy to clean, helps me to plan sandwich/fruit/veggie/dessert because it’s all sized and portioned correctly, and it will last him well into University. 

Full disclosure: StrollerDad HATES the whole Bento box setup. But you know what? He’s NEVER MADE A SINGLE SCHOOL LUNCH. So really, I don’t know what his problem is with it. Perhaps he wants one of his very own? That’s right. It’s jealousy. I’m getting him the flower one for Christmas. 


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