Gundy Park

We drove past this park a couple of years ago and the kids were like “Meh” so we’d continued on somewhere else. Reading that it had been totally redone this year (and redone super fast!), we finally gave it a go. And it was great 🙂

The new playground isn’t huge, but has something for both the littles and big kids, as well as a couple of fun inclusive products on totally accessible surfacing. Read the info from the town HERE

The littles can scale the logs of the Earthscape structure, climb the interesting rubber…bridge(?), ya, let’s call it that, and zip down the slide. Big kids have a scaled-up version with a taller slide and a cool log climber. 

My husband enjoyed a snooze in the saucer swing while the kids tried to make each other puke in the accessible spinaround. You’ll also find a baby swing, a Generations tandem swing, two adult swings, and an adaptive swing with a solid 3-point harness. As always, the town’s gardens and surrounding greenspaces are gorgeous. 

Things to note:

  • There’s a drinking fountain in the park.
  • No fencing, but the play area is set back from the road.
  • Very smartly, the inclusive products are on poured-in-place rubber surfacing to make accessing them easy.

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