Rosemont Park

Almost completely renovated, Rosemont Park just reopened to the public at the end of June 2023 with new playground equipment, water features, and even an “urban woodland” (which is totally gorgeous). 

Located at the corner of D’Iberville, Jourdain, and Dandurand, we easily found parking on Dandurand and scampered up the new stairs. There is also an accessible concrete ramp that winds its way up the landscaped slope. 

The new design of the park is to “promote the ecological transition and universal accessibility.” I’d say it succeeds on the first part for sure, the accessibility….maybe?

The playground features a jumble of logs from Earthscape that encourages climbing and exploration. The were kids of all ages figuring out their route and testing out their balance and they clambered about. Very cute to see. There’s also some netting, vertical logs to (try) and scale, and these neat rubber doodads to cross. 
Nearby is the new unassuming splash pad that from a distance, you wouldn’t even know is there. Press the sensor and the sprays leap to action with fun boop-boops (my very technical term), and arches to run through. The highlight of this park for my little one was the super cool misters. I thought we’d get soaked standing beside them but you can’t even feel the water, that’s how fine the mist is. With in-ground lighting, it should be very cool to see at night. Someone send me a picture if they go!
There’s great seating all around the play areas, and even giant picnic tables right beside the splash pad. Just watch your items if it’s windy and you want them to stay dry.

While the splash pad area is definitely accessible, the playground is all on wood chips (which anyone with mobility issues knows is difficult to manuever), and other than the adaptive swing that’s still to be installed, I don’t see much here that’s actually inclusive. 

What I especially like at the park is the creative landscaping and design. The dry river for rainwater recovery, the “bridge”, the super-cool pebble path, the rain garden, the lounge chairs and tables, and the “Urban Woodland” natural ecosystem that’s surrounded by attractive fencing that gives it a country feel. Nearly 552 trees were planted, in addition to several varieties of shrubs and perennials throughout the park. The borough says it’s promoting biodiversity and aiming for a more diverse and resilient tree canopy. It will be amazing once it all matures.

Things to note:

  • The borough’s Facebook page says that its splash pads are on from 9am to 9pm. Press the sensor button on the ground to start the water sequence. It will turn off automatically.
  • The bathrooms are listed on the borough’s website as being open every day from 9am to 8pm. When we were there on a dreary Saturday afternoon, they were…OPEN! The park chalet has yet to be renovated and is supposed to be done at a later date. 
  • Bike racks are available for cyclists, and a water fountain running into the dry river is available for refreshment.

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