Henri-Paul-Desforges Park

The kiddos and I loooooooved the immensely tall, but still accessible for younger children, CitipleX climber from Quebec manufacturer Jambette. In fact, it’s one of the best we’ve seen! Access the first platform by way of stairs, rungs, or a ladder. Reaching the top level will reward you with great views of the soccer fields and playground, and you can hang around to chat with friends in the cozy space or play the interactive games. I managed to squeeze myself into one of the narrow chutes that lead up to the second level (it wasn’t easy!) and then zipped back down the twirly slide. My two kiddos went up, back down, and climbed around the ground-level obstacle course, then repeated the whole thing. We’ve seen a lot of play equipment and we found this large structure to be one of the most creative, interesting, and challenging.

For the younger set who may not like heights, an absolutely too-cute-for-words play kitchen is nestled nearby with an equally cute play house — perfect for toddlers and imaginative play. Or, how about making some music? Tap out a tune on the trio of bongos or the xylophone that are beside the playground. Just beside you’ll also find an outdoor chalkboard where you can leave friendly messages and drawings (bring your own chalk), and teens and adults wanting to get in a workout while the kids play can use the outdoor fitness equipment.Bring along soccer balls, frisbees, or kites as there is a ton of space where you can run and play throughout the park. And bathing suits and towels are a must for hot hazy days as the small splash pad is a welcome oasis from the sun. Press the sensor to start the water sequence and it will turn off automatically.

For additional activities to do in the area, the rear of the park connects directly to the fantastic family-friendly bike paths that follow the Soulanges Canal or stop into the Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site for a tour of the ruins and the recreated blockhaus that served as the command post in the early 1800s.

  • The playground is on wood chips.
  • There is no shade over the play area except for a tree on the east side.
  • The splash pad is functional from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.
  • A drinking fountain is located near the parking lot.
  • Bring a picnic (and a Frisbee!) as there are plenty of picnic tables and benches and tons of grassed areas where you can spread out.
  • There’s a new building with bathrooms.

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