Briarwood Park

EDITED 2022 – this park will be undergoing a big renovation. Stay tuned!

This was one of our last parks to visit in Beaconsfield, so on a hot early May morning, we headed out with snacks and water, and thankfully our hats because it was SUNNY.
I could tell by the faded equipment that it’s probably always super sunny here, but around the perimeter of the park you’ll find some nice mature trees, and someone has dragged a picnic table under some trees on the south side. 
All the equipment is on sand, and is sort of haphazardly grouped together into big kid and toddler sections. 
In the big kid part is an ok climber from Landscape Structures with a climbing wall and rope, slide, swinging pods to walk on, circular monkey bars and…..the weird hand/foot frustratingly-hard-to-pedal Stationary Cycler. The little one couldn’t do much here, but tried out the climbing wall with some success. 
There’s also an old metal climber from GameTime (same as at Christmas Park), big swings, and a stand alone twirly slide with a horrible metal ladder. OF COURSE shorty wanted to get up there, so I spotted/helped/fretted as he climbed up. “Ok, once is enough!” I tried to say excitedly as I ushered him over to the toddler section.

Over here you’ll find a small climber (also from Landscape Structures) with stairs (wahoo!), a funny little rubber “bridge“, the Cozy Climber arched ladder, slides, and a small (slightly broken) wall activity.
There is also a good-for-toddlers teeter totter, a ride-on rhino, sand digger, and baby swings. 

After playing for a bit, we sat on the grass and had our snack. Or rather, he had a snack and my stomach growled. Luckily, Tim Horton’s is just over on St. Charles! This park was ok, but I wouldn’t be making a special trip here. Sorry playground. 

***Parking is on the street or in the teensy tiny lot just in front of the tennis and basketball courts.


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