Howard Park

Newly reopened at the end of June 2023, this park has undergone a massive transformation. Some of the changes include:
Brand new play areas inspired by nature, a large splash pad, lots of spots for picnicking, and new landscaping.

We visited just after it opened and some finishing touches were still being made to the cricket areas, plantings, and the washrooms had yet to be opened. Despite the little bits still to be done, we had a blast!

Both kids and their coffee-toting dad loved the large log climber from Earthscape where they balanced, teetered, and swung. A small touch here has a big impact: There are upright logs to stand on so that even shorter kids can reach the hand holds, without parents having to lift them up. You’d be surprised (or maybe not), at how many monkey bars and rings are placed ridiculously out of reach. I’m 5’9″ and come no way close to being able to touch some of them, let alone an 8-year-old. Rant over!

This area also has adult swings, and is surrounded by mature trees. Just steps away is the area for younger kids where there is the CUTEST chainsaw-carved beaver (so original!) in the lovely nature-inspired play space. Crawl across the low-placed logs, bounce across the huge leaves, and then clamour inside the playhouse. I find kids just LOVE any kind of playhouse and this one ticks a ton of boxes. There are multiple ways to climb up, a slide, a wall to draw on with chalk, and spots to hang out with your friends. Just so cute. One of the great things about the toddler play area is the abundance of SHADE! Amazing!

The splash pad is big with a ton of different equipment that should satisfy older kids, and those who don’t want to get their faces wet!

Things to note:

  • The little-kid area is on sand. The big-kid area is on wood chips.
  • The little-kid play area is fenced but no gates.
  • There’s a drinking fountain by the splash pad, and tables and benches to sit at throughout the park.
  • The cricket-playing area and the washrooms were not yet ready when we visited early July. 
  • The splash pad hours are 9am-9pm. Press the sensor(s) to turn on the water sequence. 

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