Turin Park

We visited this park a few years ago, and I just never got around to writing it up because it was, well, kind of blah. 
There were some good slides, and a neat “family swing”, but then I just kind of forgot about it. 

Until….it reopened in fall 2022 with an almost completely redone play spaces, in an awesome theme after my own heart: Birds. Do I love birds? YES. 

Similar in quirkyness and style as the borough’s Jean-Marie-Lamonde Park with its big red gnomes, this park has giant birds scattered around, adorable bird houses ringing the toddler area, funky seating, and community gardens. 

In the big kid section you’ll find the huge one-of-a-kind wooden bird climber from Earthscape, a large log climber that was super hard to take pictures of because of the kids (not mine) all over it, and adult swings. 

The completely revamped toddler playground is ADORABLE with its hot air balloon. The kids will be up in the air with the birds in no time! Slides, stairs, tunnels, bridges and more adorn the climber. Nearby are baby swings, and a wobbly saucer that’ll hold a few kids.

I did not take pictures of the wading pool because it was full of kids but it’s looks super cute. There is a lifeguard on duty and a chalet just beside. 

Things to note:
There is street parking nearby. Read the signs carefully.
The playground is only partially fenced.
There’s plenty of space to have a picnic. 
The wading pool hours can be found here: WADING POOL HOURS

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