J.D.-Ducharme Park

We parked, went through the gate, and froze. Because we just didn’t know where to start.
HOLY MOLY there is a LOT of stuff here. Colourful, fun, and challenging. LaSalle parks are constantly surprising us with their creativity, great climbers, and huge array of playground equipment. Like some of their other parks, it seems the park designers picked just about everything from the product catalogue. 
“Stand up spinner? Ya, we’ll take one of those. Rotating rope spinner? Yes! Balance beam and pods? Sure why not. Bunch of bowl spinners? For sure! MEGA climbers for all ages? Absolutely!”

The toddler climber (on sand) by Jambette has two sides, one for the smaller kids with a staircase, safe bridge, and multiple slides. On the other side older kids can climb the ladders, cross the “floating stairs” and rope bridge, go up the rope climber or balance across the swinging pods. For kids who want to stay closer to the ground there’s a car panel with steering wheel, a spinner bowl and an easy-to-get-onto seesaw. Baby swings are nearby and were nicely shaded when we visited. 

And then….OMG. And it’s rare that I say OMG.
An IMMENSE, INTENSE big-kid climber that has everything. Stairs to multi-height slides, ladders, bridges, ropes, spinners, a spin-the-wheel image search, climbing wall, monkey bars, and on and on. Too much to type, I’m stopping. 
Surrounding the climber in the wood chip base are more bowl spinners, and then on sand are balance pods and beams, the rotating rope spinner and big-kid swings. On grass (and with some in shade) are mini picnic tables and benches. 

And if all that’s not enough, there’s a small splash pad.  

The splash pad here is very, very simple. One dumping bucket, a ground jet, and a misty tower. But really, you’re not coming here for the splash pad when the amazing L’Aquaciel is just around the corner!
I took some video of the water in action. It’s quite boring, so I added a ridiculous opening title sequence to jazz things up a bit. ‘Cause why not? 

The entire park is fully fenced and gated, but with multiple entrances. And as it’s quite large it’s pretty impossible to make sure that the gates are kept closed. Note that there’s also a water fountain and a porta pottie close to the gate by the splash pad. 

J.D.-Ducharme Park – Lasalle from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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