Sunnybrooke Park


Stalking the construction workers

Stalking the construction workers while they build the splash pad

Just off of Rue Dubois OR Rue Woodhaven, the playground has eight big-kid swings, 4 baby swings, a couple of teeter-totters, and a NEW toddler play structure installed in 2015. The climber by GameTime has stairs, a little stepping stone Pod Climber, slides, a maze panel, metal ladder, a 4′ mini climbing wall and a steering wheel. In the surrounding sand there are GameTime’s two-kid ride-on airplane and dinosaur. I got told off for making horse noises on the dinosaur, so don’t make that mistake 😉

The larger (and older) GameTime climber is geared for big kids as there are no stairs, and it has a treacherous older model metal bridge to cross. I tried it myself and almost fell down and then off the side. I would NOT let a little one cross it on their own. If you can make it up, there are quite a few different slides to choose from, the Solar System activity panel, and lots of metal ladders and monkey bars to climb. 
Rounding out the equipment is a colourful Infinity Loop climber from Little Tikes Commercial. These always look so cool, yet we never see anyone on them….

There are quite a few trees surrounding the play area, with some benches and picnic tables (some burnt). 

If you’re wanting to come straight to the splash pad, the small parking lot is right on Rue Cadman and you can trot across the grass onto the landscaped splash pad area. There are benches and picnic tables, and a large shade structure covering three additional tables. And lounge chairs. LOUNGE CHAIRS!
It was crazy windy the morning we visited so our towels weren’t safe on the benches, which I didn’t notice until after they were wet. Doh. 
The nature-themed splash pad by Aquajeux is separated into three different areas. There’s the giant (and slightly creepy!) ant with his dumping bucket antenna and spraying body, rings to run through, palm fronds, rotating towers to turn, and lots and lots of ground sprays. Another section has beautiful water cannons that are controlled with Step’n Play activators (pump with your foot to get the water going), and the section closest to the picnic tables is great for toddlers with close-to-the-ground bubblers, a super cute baby spider sprayer, and a water bell.
It’s all really, really pretty. 

Things to note:
-The water is on from 9am-9pm. 
-A new chalet and bathroom are near the splash pad. I don’t have pictures of it yet, but am told it’s lovely!
-There is also a beach volleyball area.

Sunnybrooke Park Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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  • Courtney says:

    This is our “after school park”, though my daughter is going to be bummed that the old metal climber is gone, it was her favourite!

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