Brookside Park

This was a quiet and relaxing park that we found while wandering around Beaconsfield. There’s something soothing about water and we stood at the little bridge for a while and watched and listened to the brook bubbling by.
There’s a hill here that looks like it would be great for winter sledding and the boys had a blast running and rolling down it over and over again.

There is no fencing but it is all contained within the trees and there are no houses or streets in sight. If you have a wanderer be careful as there is also no fence near the brook!
The decent sized toddler climber by Landscape Structures has stairs and a twirly slide, the Sloped Climber, and of course a steering wheel that saw a lot of action from the littlest.
There is also a stegosaurus spring-rider, teeter totters, a (rusty) geodesic climber, a sand digger; and just across is the big-kid climber from GameTime.
This structure has interesting ladder/stairs that I didn’t dare negotiate with the small guy, but would be fun for the older set. Lots of monkey bars and rings for swinging, and a Solar System activity panel, 
I really liked the seclusion of this park and that there are trees all around. We were there around 4:30pm on a super hot day and there was some shade, I think the layout of the park would probably have scattered sun/shade for most of the day. Bonus if you’re watching more than one child, is that all the equipment is in the same area.
Since the fall of 2018 there are new baby swings, two adult swings, and the lovely Generation swing where you can swing together with a baby or toddler. Love the bright blue!
There’s also an adorable book-lending library, so if you’ve got old books lying around, bring some to trade!


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