Jasper Park

Oh c’mon now, that is just TOO CUTE!
The new equipment at this park has been specially planned for the smallest of playground visitors, with a whole array of ground-level gizmos to touch and turn, small bongos to whack, a ring to climb through, fun gears to turn, and the adorable little “forest” of trees to peek through. 
It’s funny that the 6-23 month age range is often overlooked when designing playgrounds, and it’s great that products are now being made and installed for these itty-bitty weirdos children who usually aren’t ready for ladders and stairs. 

Toddlers will love the new play structure with its steering wheels, musical instruments, crawl tunnel, and steps and stairs, and there’s also a fun police car spring rider and spinner seat in the fresh sand. 

The rest of the park has a small greenspace; a larger play structure with a tall slide and rings to climb; baby swings; new adult swings; and the cool Generation tandem swing. 

Things to note:
-There’s no fencing but it’s on a quiet street and slightly set back from the road.
-The park is close to Pointe-Claire Village, with ice cream, coffee, sandwich shops etc, and also within walking distance to the lake.
-In the winter there’s a little skating loop which is taken care of by neighbourhood residents. So cute!
-If you’re coming for a picnic there is a table right beside the playground and under the trees.


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