Montrose Park

This park is pretty with lots of mature trees, and a beautifully shaded playground. 
There’s actually a ton of shade covering the toddler section.
In this area you’ll find the “restaurant” in the small ground-level house from Little Tikes Commercial with its crawl tunnel and “what to wear” panel. I always laugh at this one because you can mix a Hawaiian-shirt wearing frog with various other critters’ bodies.

On the toddler side are baby, a new tire swing, and adult swings, a toddler-friendly (slightly grubby) seesaw; a spring rider dino that’s way too close to the sand; and a fairly plain climber from Landscape Structures with a twirly slide, the Cozy Climber arched ladder, steering wheel panel, and stairs. It’s all ok, but my 6-year old was a lot less enthused about everything than when we first visited 4 years ago. 

There is some fencing along busy Elm Avenue, and it looked like there was a gate. The hum of the highway is a bit distracting but you can’t see anything. There is also a separate section that’s also on sand with a larger basic climber (no stairs) with multiple slides, monkey bars and metal rungs and ladders. It’s not super close to the toddler area but is within sight. 

There’s room to run here and picnic, though there were no actual picnic tables.
New in 2019 is the Trekfit circuit which you can read more about HERE


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