Pine Beach Park

There’s no playground here, but it is a lovely spot for a short walk along the water, for a picnic under the trees, to stop and play the outdoor piano, or to rest in one of the swinging seats. My kiddos like to sit on the dock (watch out for duck poop!) and watch the boats going by, or we go right to the eastern edge of the park and find the little hidden rocky beach, left over from when this WAS an actual beach!

If you’re tired of the craziness of Walters Park, or need to use a porta-potty (one is wheelchair accessible), just skip across the crosswalk and Pine Beach Park is RIGHT across the street. 
There’s no parking lot here, so you’ll need find side streets or use the parking lot at Walters Park on Pine Beach and Dawson Avenues. 

There are various concerts and performances taking place throughout the summer at the Frank Richmond outdoor stage, as well as Zumba and fitness classes in the park. Bring your own lawn chair or you can rent one on site for a dollar. All shows are free! To see the list of events you can pick up a summer cultural program available in all Dorval municipal buildings, by calling 514-633-4071, or visiting the Events section of the Dorval website. 

Information for the boat ramp, which is available for Dorval residents. 

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