Surrey Bike Trail

We came by in the fall to have a look at the newly built Surrey Trail, and came back this weekend with the GoPro camera, and my two bike enthusiasts (42 & 8) for a “real person” test run. 
The toddler was the self-appointed coach after trying (and failing) at the course with his training wheels. 
Poor guy, he was so bummed out after insisting on trying. But, oh so cute. 

The trail officially opened on June 18th, 2016 and is for anyone 8 years old and older (with protective equipment) and simulates BMX/off-road style riding, without the danger of careening down a mountain. (My brother is a big mountain biker and has all the x-rays of his broken bones to prove it!)
The 100 metre course has ramps, jumps, and tricky angled walls, and you can use BMX bikes, mountain bikes, or that old bike you picked up from a garage sale. The track is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m during the biking season. 

Easy to get to, it’s located at the corner of Chanteclerc and Graham, just past the end of the road. There is parking along the street, or alternatively you can park in the lot at the Surrey Aquatic and Community Centre on Parkfield and walk to the back of the building and past the skate park. 

My husband brought one of his seven bikes (I’m told they’re all special in they’re own way, and very essential!), and the 8-year old brought his mountain bike. Some of the ramps are pretty steep so after trying a few, he gave up and went over to the skate park instead. My husband however, was able to get up and around pretty much everything and noted that it should be even better “once the grass is trampled into paths” to be able to get more speed (especially for younger kids), and also found it a bit too spread out. But he also liked that it’s easy enough for newbies to try.
This is a really great attraction for teens and pre-teens and compliments the other amenities at Surrey Park like the great skate park, pool/splash pad and playground. For more on those and pictures of each you can see our review of Surrey Park HERE

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Surrey Bike Trail from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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