de la Cité Park (Longueuil, Saint-Hubert)

The first time I did a tv interview back in…2015?, the reporter told me about this park and that it was a “Must see!”
Four years later, we finally made it out this way.
And I would agree, this park is quite the must see! It’s kind of like DDO’s Centennial Park, kind of like Montreal’s Mount Royal Park, but dare I say it…better?

I love a park with a plan, and this one is really well-thought out, is great for all ages and interests, and is a fantastic destination park. Best of all, unless you rent something, everything is free!

In summer you can bike or jog, play in the large greenspaces, hike to the top of the mountain with its scenic views, or walk along the 8kms of trails. 
There’s a fancy-pants building with bathrooms and a restaurant, activities going on (check out the links below), and equipment to rent (skates, snowshoes, cross-country skis, magic carpets, momentum-powered bikes, bikes adapted for people with visual or mobility impairments, and tandem bicycles!)
Sit beside the lake (a water retention basin that is quite picturesque!), have a picnic, look at the artwork, cross the bridge(s), play in the playground, and skip through the beautiful splash pad where you can also borrow a water chair for
people with reduced mobility.

Things to note:
Info about the park
-Info about opening times, rental times, etc HERE!
-Find the map of the park HERE
-The splash pad hours are listed HERE, they should be 8am to 9pm. Touch the sensor to turn on the water sequence.
-Parking is free and available in front of the chalet on Davis or on Julien-Bouthilier.

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