Parc de Deauville

I was going to wait until all the grass and finishing touches were finished later this spring, but we just couldn’t wait. So, 7am last Saturday morning we hopped (dragged ourselves) into the car and headed out to see the brand new playground. 

And what a playground it is! The old equipment was tossed, a new layout designed, and there is now a park that caters to a huge array of ages — from toddler to young adults. Or, old adults like me. 

The park is now home to an impressive nature-inspired adventure playground (dubbed “Quebec’s largest” by the playground’s designer TechSport) that boasts natural wood equipment from Ontario-based Earthscape Play.

If you like wood, climbing, and unique equipment, you’ll love this park. It’s interesting, innovative, and quite unlike most other playgrounds with the usual platform-and-slide combos. Here there are huge logs to cross, overhead apparatus, a triple-decker tower, ladders, a slackline (!) and nets. Older kids can traverse the log piles in a myriad of ways, and clamour up the inside of the awesome tower to zip back down the whirly-twirly slide.

Nearby is the toddler area (on sand) where a smaller log structure and Earthscape’s Junior Tower gives little ones the chance to test out their balance, swing, and climb, and use their imaginations. I love that there’s this mini version of the larger equipment. 

Both my kids (10 & 14) were enthralled by the 12-feet high Summit Boulder from outdoor fitness equipment company TrekFit. Using the hand and footholds, they scaled to the top and then dared us adults to do the same. In the same area is the always popular Bamboo Jungle and the tall Cargo Net. If you’re not sure what to do or are looking for alternative exercises or movement skills, info panels near the equipment will help guide you. 

Once you’ve worked up a sweat, the lovely splash pad from Waterplay Solutions invites users to dance under the sprays and spend some quiet time lounging nearby. The water wasn’t yet on when we visited, but it looks like there’s plenty of space and room for a variety of ages. It’s great that there’s finally a splash pad in this area of the West Island!

Add this park to your summer to-do list!


  • The playground is on wood chips and sand. There is no fencing.
  • There is no shade over the various play areas, but you may find some shade near the soccer fields. 
  • The splash pad should be functional from 9am-9pm daily. (Hours are subject to change as I always get a different answer when I call 3-1-1). Press the sensor on the post to turn on the timed water sequence.
  • The park has a limited number of swings, but does include one adaptive swing. However, there is no cutout in the concrete border for easy access into the swings area.
  • There are outdoor bathrooms, but they must be manually unlocked by a city employee each day. No opening hours are posted. 
  • A drinking fountain is located near the north end of the park, near the bathrooms
  • A parking lot is located just off Gouin Boulevard.
  • Some of the site’s new furnishings didn’t weather their first winter too successfully, so hopefully a crew will be by to give them a touch up. 


  • Hala says:

    Hi ,,can I have my Bbq done at Deauville park??

  • StrollerMom says:

    This park does not have any BBQs facilities available. I highly doubt that you can bring your own, so it would be best to check directly with the city of Pierrefonds as I’m unaware of their bylaws.

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