Parc des Compagnons-de-Saint-Laurent

There’s a whole lot going on at this newly renovated park. 

Named after a theatre troupe founded in 1937, the park is a social hub for the community of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, with activities that taking place throughout the year. During the winter there’s Le Festival Noël dans le parc where the park transforms into a beautiful Christmas Village with free shows, food and even animals.
When summer rolls around there are community BBQs , Cinéma en plein air, an outdoor piano, various art installations, and the “Ludothèque ” (the colourfully painted shipping container) which is open from early June until August. When the wide doors open up you’ll find books, toys, and activities inside. 

Now, onto the playground! Add this playground to your summer bucket list — because it’s a must-see.

After being closed for construction for almost a year, the newly redone park, playground and splash pad were inaugurated on Friday, July 8, 2022 with elected officials from the borough and members of the redesign team. The park has all-new play space, the addition of a splash pad, new furnishings and pathways, modern lighting, rejuvenated landscaping with native plants and fruit trees, and an area for outdoor fitness training.

If your kid love climbing and are up for something completely different, they’re going to love this space and its impressive wood structure. The new play space veers from the traditional post/platform/slide structures and instead features products inspired by nature. Hefty logs criss-cross and are interspersed with climbing nets and ropes. With no set starting point or formal entrance and exit, the large “logjam” structure invites children to direct their own routes. 

Close by is the ADORABLE wooden Junior Tower, an enchanting wood-house-meets-climber (or castle, fairy garden, or fire station…) for younger kids. Posts, hidey holes, ladders, handholds, and a double slide ensure plenty of action on all sides and levels. As with the tumble of logs, the timber used is sustainably sourced and carefully chosen based on its longevity and the ability to hold up to varying factors including the environment and use. This is one of only three playgrounds in Quebec made with products from Earthscape, a leader in natural wood-based play equipment in Canada and the United States.

Other play opportunities in the park include a bank of baby and adult swings, and large boulders that are interspersed within the park’s wood chip surfacing.

And for fun in the water, the park now boasts a low-consumption splash pad with 15 ground jets that allow visitors to cool off during the summer. 


For tweens, teens and adults, new Trekfit fitness obstacle challenge equipment will keep them healthy and active.

A nearby ping pong table (bring your own paddles and ball) will work hand-eye coordination, and if you simply want to chill under the huge trees there are plenty of benches and picnic tables.

  • The playground is on wood chips. It is only partially fenced so watch out for the little ones.
  • There is minimal shade over the play area, but the rest of the park has great mature trees and there is shade on the steps overlooking the play area.
  • The splash pad should turn on at 9 a.m. Press the sensor on the ground to turn on the timed water sequence.
  • A drinking fountain is located near the north entrance to the park.
  • There is no bathroom.
  • While there are 10 swings, some parents have requested that at least one be swapped out for an adaptive seat as there is currently no inclusive play opportunity or adapted equipment in the playground.
  • Parking around here is terrible as usual. Good luck and read the signs carefully.
  • This is a great park to visit if you want to chat with people and feel like you’re in the heart of the action. We had a fun time just because of the atmosphere and busyness all around us. 

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