Danyluk Park

Previously named Recreation Centre Park, this park in the heart of TMR is right beside the town’s city hall, arena, and the Mount Royal Curling Club. 

Though the playground itself is small, the large park is also home to soccer fields, a lovely basketball court, pickleball courts (the newest craze!), the outdoor swimming pool and wading pool, baseball/softball, a skatepark, shuffleboard, and the nearby dog park. 

After parking the car in the lot, the little one zipped right into the playground and headed straight for the colourful play structure. The double slides were a hit, he was able to do the climbing wall “I DID IT!”, and he was delighted with the small critter climber which is great for toddlers. There is also a small slide and various ladders to climb. In the surrounding sand you’ll find the adorable Calvin the Caterpillar, which seems to have something new to see every time we play on him, a spinner seat, and a couple of spring riders. 
If you need shade, there are picnic tables nearby. We visited in early, early spring, so there’s a distinct lack of greenery in all our pictures!

-We found easy parking in the lot right next to the arena on Dunkirk, and directly facing the playground.
-The playground is not fenced and there is no shade. It is all on sand. 
-While there was no bathroom right in the park (that we could find), we dashed into the arena and used that one. You *may* be able to use the pool bathroom in the summer. 
-Users must be at least 8 years old to use the skatepark and helmets are mandatory. You can find the skatepark’s schedule in the city’s recreation brochure available on their website. 

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