Blainville – de Fontainebleau Park

This is a beautiful park with a ton of activities to entertain people of all ages; from the tennis and pickleball courts, to the beautiful basketball courts and cool skatepark. 

You’ll also find wooded trails to walk through, beach volleyball courts, spots to sit and eat, bathrooms, and a playground. 

The playground is all on sand and has two large play structures with metal slides, ropes to climb, “trees” to scale, and spring riders to ride along on. There are also baby and adult swings. 

It is hot. 

Things to note:
-There is a small parking lot located near the chalet and playground.
-I didn’t see posted hours for the bathrooms.
-Bring a picnic!
-The playground is full sun and has no fencing, though it’s far back from the road. 

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