Henri-Dunant Park (Blainville)

It took a while to be able to get into the park to take pictures, as apparently it’s very popular with the neighbouring high school kids at lunch.

But once the bell rang, we had the whole place to ourselves!

There are a couple of great play structures here for toddler and big kids, with lots to touch, slide on, and climb. I especially liked the circular staircase up to the big slides, and the ocean-theme that ran throughout.

If your kids like ropes, there is a whole climbing course just beside and you’ll also find baby and adult swings, and an adaptive swing.

Things to note:
-Everything is on wood chips.
-There is minimal fencing and there is a wooded area to the rear.
-Picnic tables and benches are right in/around the playground, including a couple under a gazebo. 
-The park is right beside the Centre récréoaquatique, which has outdoor basketball courts, and a spot for summer inline skating, and a winter rink.

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