Imagination Park

This is a fairly hidden, not on Google Maps park that does show up on Côte Saint-Luc’s website, but they don’t explain its full awesomeness.
Opened in 2012, it’s quite small, with a compact toddler climber by Kompan, big swings and one JennSwing adaptive swing (which can hold up to 125lbs), a triple-kid Blazer teeter-totter, and the modern metal and rope climber. Everything is on a rubber base with no sand or wood chips in sight! Tidy and clean. 

Now for the cool factor:
Imagination Park is one of the only playgrounds in Quebec to have Kompan’s electronic modules from the ICON line of products. (The other park we’ve seen with THREE different electronic modules is in Verdun at Quai-de-la-tortue-park)
Imagination Park has two electronic games built into the equipment; the Rocky and the Space. Both boys ran around the Space yelling out instructions and taking turns pushing the light-up buttons all over the structure, and pumping their legs on the balance/skateboard platform. There is a choice of four games with our favourites being the matching game (match up the colourful flashing lights all over the structure), and the race the clock game where you have to get ALL the buttons pushed before your time runs out. Toddlers can help here as some of the buttons are at ground level, while others need big kids (or their moms) to get the super high ones. 

The Rocky game is a big balance board which can fit four players. We finally figured out the balance games and got a high score!

For little kids there’s the small climber with wide platforms to walk up, a mini rock-climbing wall, a small rope ladder, dual slides, a megaphone, and steering wheel. Very easy to climb for the smallest kiddos. 

There are benches and picnic tables around the perimeter and near the outdoor firepit. 
The playground is adjacent to the impressive Aquatic and Recreation Centre at 5794 Parkhaven Ave (which opened in September of 2011), the Café Aqua, and the outdoor Parkhaven Pool.
There’s also an outdoor adult gym but it’s nowhere near the playground. 

p.s. We initially parked in the parking lot on Chemin Mackle and wandered around trying to find the playground. A better bet is parking on Avenue Melling and walking up behind the pool. 

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