Pierre-Bédard Park

This park underwent a massive renovation during the summer of 2017, and we came by in mid-September last year to explore and play.

Both playgrounds are FUN. Like, super fun. They’re colourful, cheery, and easy/challenging enough that kids of all ages will enjoy playing here.
For older kids, a large play structure consists of a cable climber which attaches by a high bridge to the adjacent climber which has slides, walls to cross, and ladders. Another metal climber is nearby. Just steps away are a saucer swing, a basket spinner, eight adult swings, and some older seesaws. Some parts are on sand, while some is on wood chips. Picnic tables and benches surround the playground.

Cross through the brightly painted fenced posts, and the ADORABLE toddler area spreads out before you like a funky Dr. Seuss painting. It’s whimsical, bright, and totally creative.
The playground for children ages 2 to 5 now includes a play structure with various slides, ladders, a picture scavenger hunt, and stairs; a rotating spinner that held about 20 daycare kids, flowers and a beam to balance on, and four baby swings. Circling the playground is a concrete track for tricycles with traffic signals, a bridge, a “rough” surface simulating construction work, a house and a tricycle refuelling station. TOO CUTE.

Other changes include more pétanque courts, new lighting, and the addition of benches and picnic tables, including one table that is wheelchair-accessible.

Things to note:
-Neither playground is fully fenced.
-The wading pool was undergoing some work when we visited, so I didn’t get any pictures. You can find the wading pool schedule HERE.
-The chalet with bathrooms is open according to these hours:
Chalet de parc – Parc Pierre-Bédard
Lundi au vendredi – 12 h à 21 h
Samedi et dimanche – 10 h à 19 h
-There is a cool-looking archery club next door!

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