Clément-Jetté Nord Park

This was quite a nice little park in a surprising location right next to the main door of the piscine Annie-Pelletier. 
Swim, play, swim…
This compact park has two large-ish, new-ish play structures, smack beside each other, and both with fun slides, monkey bars, ladders and rungs to cross. The toddler climber also has stairs and a crawl tunnel.
Nearby are four baby and four big swings, and then lots of fields to run through. 

Walk further south through the greenspace of Clément-Jetté South Park, and you’ll arrive at the walking/biking trails that travel alongside the river. 

Things to note:
-The playground has no fencing and is right beside a parking lot. 
-There is no shade over the playground; everything is on wood chips. 
-The playground is right beside the piscine Annie-Pelletier and closer to Avenue Dubuisson. Parking is available at the end of Rue Joffre. (But I just parked on the street.)
-You’ll also find baseball and pétanque at this park. 

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