Parc de la Promenade-Bellerive

We’ve had bad luck at this park. Our first visit was over a year ago, in early, early spring, and though it was sunshiny and nice out, the pictures looked gross because there wasn’t a green leaf in the whole giant park. 
So I never wrote it up because I felt sad. *insert a tear here*
Back this way again this year for a dumb errand, and we came back, and as soon as we parked…It poured.
So, you get a weird mélange of pictures of a rain-soaked playground, and leafless trees for the rest of the park. Enjoy!

It’s too bad because it’s all so pretty.

The playgrounds here are quite new, having been redone just a couple of years ago, and have some interesting and colourful equipment by Jambette. 

The big-kid section has a huge whale to climb, cables and steps to cross and tall slides. There are also things to balance  and bounce on. 
Right beside are adult swings.
The nautical theme continues into the toddler area with its fun play structure with lots to touch, climb, and scale. Underneath is a cute table where sailors can plan their next trip. In the same area are toddler picnic tables, and neat ship’s bow to climb, and four baby swings. There is also a wheelchair-accessible table between the two parks. 
Both play areas are partially fenced, but just a bit from the road

If you’re looking for a longer adventure, you can take a ferry ride (with your bicycle) right from the dock at the river (straight down from the chalet) and across to the Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville. There you can rent canoes and kayaks, bike or walk the 21kms of trails, or try some fishing. You can find all the info for the ferry HERE

All info on the park, including the tons of activities, and opening times for the chalet and bathrooms can be found HERE

Things to note:
-This large park has 2.2kms of walking and biking trails all along the waterfront. You’ll find tons of picnic tables and benches along the way, as well as water fountains and porta potties. You can also stop at L.-O.-Taillon Park which is along the path and further east. It’s a great spot for a picnic, or a walk or bicycle ride. You can also watch biiiiig ships going along the river. 
-Location is a little confusing because on Google Maps this is also called Parc Honoré-Mercier. The map below is correct, it is as the corner of Mercier and Bellerive. 
-Parking is available in a small lot right in front of the chalet, or along the street. 
-If the chalet is not open when you visit (it’s open 9am-10pm in the summer), there is a porta-potty nearby. 

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