Clémentine-De La Rousselière Park

We visited this park a few years ago and I LOST THE PICTURES, so I came back a while ago to redo them. 

Up a few stairs is the toddler section with an awesome “boat” for long voyages. Climb the stairs, set the sails, and slide back to helm the ship’s wheel. In the same sandy area are baby swings, a spring rider, and saddle seat spinners. 

In the middle of the playground is the new-to-us Neos 360 electronic game with sounds and lights. Turn it on and you’ll be instructed through different active games. 

Over in the big-kid section are adult swings, more spinners, and a challenging climber with ladders and tall slides. 

Wander around the rest of the park and you’ll also find:

  • Baseball field
  • Outdoor skating rink
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Picnic area
  • New chalet with washrooms and drinking fountains

And there is some waterfront but it’s pretty sketchy. Parking is available in the gravel lot, and while there’s *some* fencing around part of the toddler area, it’s pretty much open. 

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