Olympia Park

Fourth time’s a charm!

I feel like we’ve been trying to visit this park for years. And actually, we have. Every time we’d previously driven by there’d just been too many daycare kids playing to take any pictures. Finally, on a dreary and cold late fall day, it was empty. Hallelujah!
And it was ok. 
The big-kid section is quite fun, while the little-kid area could use an update. 
The smaller section has two baby and two adult swings, a sand shovel, one car spring rider, and a dino stairs/slide; it’s just a little tired and dated. I DO like this particular dinosaur slide, just because the stairs are so easy to climb for toddlers, but the whole section could use some more – or newer – equipment. Especially as we’ve seen that it’s often used by local daycares. 

So onward to the other side of the playground. For older kids there’s a pretty great play structure with tall slides, the log climber, rock climbing wall, and a bunch of ways to swing, cross, and climb. It’s bright and cheery. In the surrounding sand are a couple of new saddle seat spinners, two adult swings, and the Xccent Play X-Wave wiggly balance beam.

The park is RIGHT beside the train tracks, though none passed when we were there 🙁
The park has some green space with lovely mature trees, and there are some large trees near the play areas, though I’m not sure how much shade they’ll cast on a sunny day. 

Things to note:
-Everything is on sand. 
-There are benches and a picnic table.
-More green space and a basketball court are across the street in their own little park. 

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