Parc du Lac-Claude (Saint-Jérôme)

If you’re looking for a pitstop on your way up north, or are touring around this area and the kids need to get out their wiggles, this lovely park has space to play, splash, and picnic. 

The littlest kids can enjoy the cute Kompan play structure that has room on top and underneath. Sadly, I didn’t get pictures because there were just too many kids on it. But it’s cute! Nearby are two baby swings.

In the big-kid area are cool climbing cubes that my littlest was finally able to get up on his own (he was very proud). There are also adult swings, and a MASSIVELY tall cable climber that’s a great climbing challenge. 

Added recently is the super fun splash pad with double-sided dumping buckets, interactive water cannons (step on the foot pumps), a pretty spinning flower, and rings to run through. If you want to chill out there are lounge chairs and a picnic table. 

If you’re getting hot, or want a lovely view, have a walk around the central lake to visit the ducks and cool down at one of the lakeside picnic tables. 

Things to note:
The splash pad is open from June to mid-September, depending on weather conditions. Every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Press the sensor to turn on the water. 
-The playground is in full sun. 
-There is no fencing.
-A wheelchair-accessible porta-potty was beside the playground when we visited in mid-August. 

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