Lasalle-Nord Park

Lasalle has some great toddler (and big-kid) playgrounds and this one is right at the top of the list. 
Having seen a LOT of different equipment, it’s always exciting to find something new. This fully fenced and gated park has creative space-themed play structures from GameTime, spring riders, a funky modern bouncer from Berliner-Seilfabrik, swings and a trio of balance equipment. 

We walked through the gate, stopped and both said “Ooooh!”. Before us was a toddler paradise. A large, intricate play structure with climbing walls, stairs and wide platforms for easy accessibility to the twirly slide, a bumpy climber/slide (which he made me and my poor bum go down. “You can do it mommy!”), and the Solar System Interactive Panel located on a bottom platform if your little one doesn’t like heights. The tall posts reaching for the sky each have a different image on the top (planet, constellation, moon..) and we circled around trying to see them all. There are some wall openings at the different levels so watch the little kids. 
There’s also a TON of playthings in the surrounding sand. Following in the space theme are astronaut/alien and rocket/sun cutouts, a ground-level steering wheel for their “spaceship”, and little seats. If that’s not enough they can also make a course out of the colourful rings to climb through, the Web Walk rope bridge, a balance beam and the stand-alone slide. 
My guy loved it all and then tried out each of the four different kinds of spring riders. There are trucks, the big metal platform from Berliner, and the Jumbo Flyer plane. You’ll also find baby swings in the same sand section. 

Besides the toddler area and the middle grassy bit with its chess/picnic tables, the rest of the equipment is on wood chips. One section under a canopy of mature trees is the balance section with GameTime’s G2 Spinner (which was beyond me), Kompan’s Supernova which kids can sit or stand on, a balance beam and a Rope Walk which the toddler deemed “just too TRICKY!”

We wandered over to the big swings and clamoured around the larger climber. This one doesn’t have stairs but he could make it up easily by going up the pod steps. You could also make a course here by crawling up the inclined post, going across the monkey bars, through the climber (stop along the way and learn the planets’ names in Spanish) and then fly down the double slides. 

Still having not had enough we played for another 1/2 hour AND sat in the grass and watched a construction crane building a house down the road. The excitement!

This could be a good park if you’ve got kids of various ages because of the fence and gate (there are TWO gates), and the sight lines are quite easy. While the trees didn’t have leaves yet, they are huge and there’s a lot so I’m thinking there should be some great shade during the summer. 

Pssssst! This park is right near the Lasalle Aquadôme. You can read our winter review of the splash pad and pool HERE

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