Lasalle – Complexe aquatique Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme)

When nature dumps a foot of snow down in a day, it’s time to go swimming!


We checked the holiday hours for the leisure pool and got there right after it opened. After paying and going through the turnstile, we went right to the family changing room. There are big clean lockers, middle-of-the-aisle benches, a single room washroom for men and women (with a changing table in each), large changing stalls, and three large private shower stalls (which could use more hooks). The bathing suit spin dryer wasn’t working, and even though we were super early the changing room was already crowded as it’s not very large. You must bring your own locks for the lockers OR there are itsy bitsy coin-operated cubbies right by the front desk where you can leave cell phones, wallets etc.

We showered and walked into the warm and bright pool area. Note that strollers and shoes are NOT allowed on the pool deck!
There is a gradual beach incline that little ones will love, and my toddler really enjoyed the small slide. Across the rope the water gets a little deeper though he was able to reach the bottom part of the way. The pool is quite large and has an area for the hot tub (which isn’t any hotter than the rest of the water), and space for the kids using the slides to fly back down into the water. The big slide wasn’t open, much to my 7-year old’s dismay (though we’d known before going), but they did open up the two smaller slides which were fast! He came shooting out of there like a little cannon ball and got a snoot-full of water. The 3-year old was like “no way.”

We enjoyed floating on the pool noodles and there were tons of kids with arm and back floaties and even one with an inflatable rocket ship. I wish I’d thought to bring our swim bubble to give the little one a bit more independence. In a little section near the benches and chairs is the impressive umbrella waterfall. I ran under there with the big kid and it was super loud! I closed my eyes for a second and pretended I was in Jamaica under a waterfall. And then opened my eyes and there was still snow outside the window. Grrrrrrrrr

The water here was warm. Like, surprisingly pleasant. I usually start to shiver after a while and I could have stayed in here for a couple of hours. We puttered around the shallow area, floated on the noodles, hung out against the hot tub jets, and then got out when the little one’s teeth started to chatter. But he lasted longer than usual!

After waiting in line for showers and packing up, we had chocolate puddings from the vending machine area, peeked into the lunch room that adjoins the pool area, and had a look at the items for sale. If you forget your swim diapers they sell both disposable and Bummis reusable brands. 

It was an all-around fun morning and it would be doable with both kids and just myself. I’m still not sure which of the indoor pools I prefer, so I think I’m going to keep visiting all of them!

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