Spring Garden Park

Previously, this park was the pits, but thankfully, the playground has undergone an almost full renovation. 
I loaded up two ten-year-olds to check it out shortly after it reopened at the end of summer. 
They quite enjoyed the new space-themed climber with its interesting ladders and bridge. This structure is a 2-for-1 special with the toddler section attached. There isn’t however, a whole lot for little ones to do. There are steep stairs and a small double slide. Other than that there are a few ground-level elements like bongos and a spinny wheel. 

Other new pieces include adult swings, a 3-point harness adaptive swing, and a fun spinning seat. However, these adaptive pieces that are meant to be inclusive have been inexplicably placed on sand. Something even my youngest kid says “is mean.” 

So, um, some neat equipment, just rather badly incorporated, and not a whole lot for the youngest kids to do. 

Things to note:
-DDO tends to be very reliable and their bathrooms are actually open according to their schedules!
-There are great spots to picnic.
-The bicycle path runs right past the playground. 
-There’s no fencing, but it’s way in from the road. 
-A parking lot is located on Rue Sonata.
-If you want to keep playing, Parc Calumet is just steps away across the path. 


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